Someone Help Me

2013-05-25 23:02:03 by taysf111

I have ran out of space to favourite arts on newgrounds. Help? Is there any way than to delete them? Help me Please!


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2013-05-26 02:01:00

just go to their user profile or submission page and uncheck the heart icon

taysf111 responds:

I want the art still, I know how to unfavourite arts. However, just want to see if there is an alternative method to favourite arts since mine is full. Gosh, so many awesome new arts from all the artists.


2013-05-26 03:14:52

copy a bunch into a folder?

(Updated ) taysf111 responds:

how how? Teach me?
There is such a thing on Newgrounds?


2013-05-27 09:33:26

just click on the picture and drag it to you desktop