Movies that touched my heart

2013-07-25 05:12:28 by taysf111

There are three movies which touched my heart.

1st was Wall-e,
2nd was Sorcerer's Apprentice,
3rd was the new movie: Warm Bodies

Do check them out :3 I find them pretty touching.


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2013-07-25 23:30:39

Wall-e was kinda touching ;)

(Updated ) taysf111 responds:

Agree :)
It may be a long time ago but this movie never gets old for me.


2013-10-01 17:16:11

wall-e was a good movie, idk about toutching, yea sorcerers apprentice was kinda touching, and I saw a space movie last year... actually 2 and one this year that were really really touching. I cant remember the names... super man was sorta touching too.

taysf111 responds:

:3 I will check them out after my examinations :3


2014-01-09 05:52:22

wall-e was good yeah. the sorcerer's apprentice, I haven't seen but the actual sorcerer looked shifty. haha. I liked warm bodies. that is a touching movie. I thought it was a chick flick at first but it was actually pretty awesome. have you seen Django unchained and The lone ranger? I liked those. might be a bit too gritty for you though. haha.



taysf111 responds:

Oh hi hi :3 I have not watched any you have said. I will watch them real soon.